the appendix vo.1

I have a feeling that as much as I enjoy typing out daily thoughts or considerations, it will be the weekly “appendix” that will end up being the most fun to curate for you. The purpose of “The Appendix” is to share a list, every Friday, providing you interesting internet destinations to consider traveling to. My hope is that they will enlighten you about fascinating books, articles, film, opinions, artwork, and much more.

A reward for a week completed and a prologue for the week to come. I hope you discover something intriguing.


  • I was sad to hear of the passing of Christopher Plummer. He was one of the greats and this scene will always be a favorite. It might be a good weekend to watch, “The Sound of Music,” don’t you agree?
  • As a self-proclaimed, “cheese-enthusiast”, I’m always on the lookout for good recipes to use on evenings we prepare a charcuterie for dinner (best dinner ever, if I’m honest.) This recipe caught my eye and is on our menu for the upcoming week.
  • If you’re anything like Sean and I, you desire to find television and film that can be enjoyed by the entire family but isn’t completely saturated with an agenda. In the last few weeks we found a television show that all five of our family members fell in love with – yes, all five. I love it so much that I think I’ll devote an entire post to it next week. It’s that good. In the meantime, if we want to settle in for a few moments of good ol’ fashioned down-time in front of the big screen, we have been joyfully devouring episodes of this. Julia Child is a sheer delight. She jauntily bangs pot and pans, tosses trash off her counter with wild abandon, makes filleting a fish look like a breeze, and honestly makes you believe that you can boil a 20 pound lobster. It’s way more informative and enjoyable than anything on the FoodNetwork, I promise.
  • The kids (and you!) will love this. The size of a sunflower seed!
  • Doing the daily crossword puzzle in the WSJ sent me down a rabbit hole of research about how and when they started being regularly published in America. No surprise, they started growing in popularity during WW2. Head here to learn more.
  • When I saw the headline and read the article, I could feel my heart pounding. I’ve been collecting vintage and antique photography and ephemera for over a decade and finding something like this is a complete dream come true. Can you even imagine?!
  • This conversation was on my mind all yesterday.
  • Currently reading this. My all-time favorite time period to study is WW2, so it fits the bill and is an easy book to get through, providing plenty of perspective for those of us feeling rather melancholy over the current state of affairs. (you can head here for other book lists)

Quote of the week:

“If he who desires to have before his eyes a true picture of the events which have happened and of the like events which may be expected to happen hereafter in the order of human things shall pronounce what I have written to be useful then I shall be satisfied. My history is an everlasting possession, not a prize composition which is heard and forgotten.” –Thucydides

And on the heels of that quote, I submit this video. Sasse gets it.


And with that, I’m off to get gussied up – Sean and I are meeting friends in town for dinner and I need to change out of the COVID uniform (read: leggings and an oversized sweatshirt.)

I hope you all enjoyed this first volume of “The Appendix” and have a fantastic and peaceful weekend.



  1. Hi! I’m a mom of 4 littles… so a charcuterie board is intriguing. But how do you use that for dinner? Like what do you put on it or serve all together so it satisfies for a dinner? My kids love a good snack plate (mixed nuts, apple, sliced cheese- and we all share it, so I guess that’s a start but how do I take that and turn it into something substantial for dinner?).

    Thanks! Enjoying the blog! Sara O’Dell



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