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Another week has gone by? How is that possible? I’ve heard so many people say that they feel this past year has dragged, but I feel like it’s gone by in a flash. The kids are taller, the animals are bigger, my joints are achy-er, and I feel like summer just ended. At any rate, the weekend is upon us again and here are a few things I wanted to share.


  • For anyone who has posed for a photo in a red phone booth in the UK…..this one of for you. Nostalgia and relics of the past make my heart the warmest. They also make me the most melancholy due to their inevitable vanishing.
  • If you’re like me, you want your children to be aware of the news of the world without tuning into the rancor and extremely biased journalism found on most networks. We’ve been apologists for WORLD News Group for years and have thoroughly enjoyed their most recent creation: WORLD Watch. Daily news from a Biblical worldview. We watch their 10-minute daily video with breakfast each morning (targeted towards kids) and our girls absolutely love it – great information presented by kind journalists. Well worth the yearly subscription.
  • I simply can not explain to you how badly I want one of these. I am not a crafty gal by nature, but I might make time to work on this. Now to pick a book theme to create. The wardrobe peering into Narnia? Or maybe a window gaze into Kathleen Kelly’s bookshop?
  • If I knew you wouldn’t think me too macabre, I’d confide in you that I have a slight interest in real-life CSI and the people who work within its scope. Couple that with an adoration for all things miniature and you have the story of the formidable Frances Glessner Lee. If you don’t know about her, start here. I’d also recommend this podcast episode. Lee was a woman who took murder investigations to a new level by creating miniature crime scenes in order for officers to hone their skills. She completely revolutionized the field of forensics. You can take it a step further and order this book which details her life story alongside beautiful photos of her work. I had long wanted it and my mother surprised me on my 40th birthday. Like I said, don’t judge me too harshly.
  • This short documentary on the life of Thomas Sowell is a great watch. If you love him, you’ll love him more. If you don’t already know about him, you’ll quickly become a fan.
  • I’d be remised if I didn’t mention the weather situation happening all over our country. We’ve had temperatures as low as -6 since we have moved to Virginia (and it was only that bad one day) and the thought of being without heat, water, propane, food during those times is hard to conceptualize. If you have ability to do so, please head here and give. Let’s keep all of these people in our prayers each and every day.


It’s gloomy here and the fire is lit. We have no plans tomorrow and even if we did, we likely couldn’t make it, seeing as today’s sun didn’t shine long enough to defrost the ice layer on our property. I’m hoping to get my weekly homeschool plans finished in the morning and spend a few hours working on a family project which I’m hoping to share with you next week. Happy Weekend, everyone!



  1. Thanks for sharing the book nook craft idea!!! I am a huge fan of dioramas and books! I feel like this is a perfect blend. I also love Thomas sowell, so I will be watching the short doc soon. Miss seeing you on social media, but thank you for staying in touch. Keep warm and cozy friend

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  2. Have you ever read Stiff by Mary Roach? I am fascinated with CSI items too and her book dives into the life of a cadaver, which includes going to “the ranch” for CSI education purposes. Not for the faint of heart, but super fascinating!


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