remember Christian soul

Sean found this short passage while reading one evening. As he shared the words, I knew that if our family committed them to memory, it would be a treasure that each of us would carry forever. A simple, yet powerful reminder of our duty as believers.

We recite it each morning before any toast or bacon is consumed and most of the time I feel the tears surfacing before the last line is uttered. It will never get old and will forever be etched on my heart. A clarion call.

Remember Christian Soul
That today and every day you have
God to glorify.
Jesus to imitate.
Salvation to work out with fear and trembling.
A body to use rightly.
Sins to repent.
Virtues to acquire.
Hell to avoid.
Heaven to gain.
Eternity to hold in mind.
Time to profit by.
Neighbors to serve.
The world to enjoy.
Creation to use rightly.
Slights to endure patiently.
Kindnesses to offer willingly.
Justice to strive for.
Temptations to overcome.
Death perhaps to suffer.
In all things, God’s love to sustain you.

St. Augustine of Hippo


  1. “Slightness to endure patiently”

    Perhaps the Lord wanted me to check in on your blog this evening just to see these very words.


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