appendix vo. 4

This week, for the first time in what felt like forever, we could see the roads and the sun came out. Of course, that’s hyperbole. It’s only been about a month or so that we’ve had consistently gloomy, rainy, snowy weather. I actually love the gloom and generally I’m happiest when it’s raining. However, in the last year the sunshine and breeze have been an antiseptic for all that ails. On Wednesday of this week, it hit 63 degrees, the snow was finally melted, and we went for a walk. We had gone on snowy treks, done some sledding, and romped through our woods in the past few months, but this felt revolutionary. I think I stopped a half dozen times and shouted to the girls, “DOESN’T THIS FEEL AMAZING?!” as the breeze lifted the hair off my shoulders. They looked at me and laughed, but I know they got it. It *did* feel amazing.

When you have seasons that truly differ from each others, you are able to re-fall in love with their emergence each year. The snow makes you die for the blooms of spring and the hot summer humidity makes you die for the snow. It’s a recycled yearning each year. Our friend Jake was talking the other day about how he doesn’t want to wish away any season too quickly. He said, “I want to get so sick of winter that I’m even more excited about spring and summer.” I agree. Don’t wish it away – sit in it, enjoy it, be angry at it a little, go back to loving it. It will be over soon and you will wish for some of it back. It will make you love what’s coming even more.


I wish I had a long list of interesting things to share this week, but we were knee deep in schoolwork the past few days and I didn’t do as much data collection. I will share one piece of news-worthy information.

Our friend Ryan had his book, “When Harry Became Sally” (written 3 years ago) pulled from Amazon (and their platforms including Audible/Kindle) this week. This book discusses the rise in popularity of the transgender movement in our country. It does so with grace, compassion, integrity, and scholarly data. Of course, that is not enough to ward off the powers of the censorship gods, and Amazon has yet to give any explanation to Ryan or his publishers as to why it is no longer available. You can find a great summary of what’s happening here.

I’ve held off writing about my strongly-held political and cultural beliefs on this blog (primarily because time is limited and it’s hard to write long-form about these topics with two kiddos asking me for help on their math homework) but the cultural moment we are in is fraught and we simply can’t fall asleep at the wheel. I hope to write more on this in the future.

In the meantime, please consider buying a copy of Ryan’s book directly from the publisher or from Barnes and Noble. It’s an important read and for believers, I think the issues of gender and sexual identity are ones that we need to be especially aware of and educated about – both pertaining to what the culture is saying and what the Lord declares.


I hope you have a restful weekend. My eldest daughter turns 13 tomorrow and I’m still trying to work out how I feel about having a teenager. It’s beautiful and a bit heartbreaking.


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  1. Re-falling in love with seasons: I’ve lived 46 years in a place with distictive seasons and this is a new (but ever so recognisable) concept to me. While I was young I lived for spring and summer. But about 6-7 years ago that love for light and growth shifted and I learned to appreciate the gray mooddiness and decay of autumn and spring and that the true miracle is that from all the moribund, new life is growing. But that’s probably not as new a concept to you. And as always: looking forward to your strong opinions in long form.


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