appendix vo. 8 (history edition)

Not surprisingly, history is my favorite subject. I can’t tell you how much I love hearing a good bit of historical trivia or some obscure story regarding a time period I thought I knew well. I can’t tell you how inspired it makes me. Inspired to do what? I can’t really say, but I suppose just inspired to know more.

Here’s a few things I bet you didn’t know (and neither did I!)

  • Did you know that Harriet Tubman was four years old when Thomas Jefferson died and she died when Ronald Reagan was two years old? Our country is so young.
  • Did you know that one of John Tyler’s grandsons is still living?! John Tyler: as in our 10th President?! Read about it here. Insane.
  • Did you know that “Dollhouse Grave Markers” were a thing? I know it will sound creepy or completely bizarre to some, but I think the story of these memorial dollhouses is really sweet. Heartbreaking, actually. The story of Roselind is my favorite – to think that the townspeople still take care of it during the holidays! Sigh. Read all about it here.
  • And finally, I absolutely love this short film. It’s just wonderful how this man has decided to enjoy parts of both the past and the present. Please take six minutes and watch.

And with that, I’m off. We are planting seedlings this weekend in our basement. We are hoping for a great harvest this year – planting almost twice what we did last year! On Monday we begin construction on a portion of our home and I’m excited to share that with you soon.

Have a restful weekend!



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