brief when lengthy is desired.

Those who thought that the insane news cycle and cultural plunge would end with 2020 is sitting at home *very* frustrated right now. 2021 will prove just as ridiculously confusing. I would venture to say that 2021 will be even more disconcerting than the year of the corona.

I’m only writing this because it’s heavy on my heart and top of my mind, and yet I’m finding it hard to find extra time to sit and write all my thoughts down. I want to, but this season in life is proving very full (as I’ve mentioned before) and so I can only manage snippets (for now.)

Until I’m able to share my thoughts long-form, the small things will have to do……

Beverly Cleary died on Friday. She’s one of my girls favorite authors and her books mean a lot to our family. I loved this sweet reflection written several years ago.

We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday with our church family. The day before we had a “work-day” at the parish where we weeded flower beds, children wiped windows, and the alter was decorated with palm branches. I’ll say it again, finding a small church family that is devoted to one another, the liturgy, and the word of the Lord has been the biggest gain of the past year, and arguably of our lives. It’s absolutely invaluable, especially in these times. More on this later.

All of our seedlings are planted for our 2021 vegetable and herb garden. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since the last time we did this. We are hoping to yield twice the amount of produce as last year and share it with our neighbors and church family.


I really believe the next year will bring about difficult times. It won’t be without joy, but I believe unique challenges are coming, especially for those who adhere to a Christian ethic, and I’m praying about this. Praying about how to fortify our family further. Praying for my husband as he leads us. Praying for our church and other faithful churches. Praying about how to be used in this. Praying what to share here.

I hope to write more about this soon and I wonder how many of you are feeling like this as well. Take heart….God is with us and He is, as He has always been, the victor.


  1. Feeling all of this. So thankful for our Victory is Jesus!!💕 and the article on Beverly made me tear up. She will always be a fav of mine.


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