Resurrection Sunday 2021

We all roundly agreed that this was the most special Easter celebration any of us could remember.

The girls woke up early to go searching for their “baskets” (which are large buckets because functionality is key around here.) We excitedly got ready for church because we knew it was going to be an amazing morning – Polly was being baptized, I was helping with “coffee hour” after the service, there was an egg hunt for the kiddos and, of course, we felt the general joy that accompanies the most important day for Christians.

We spent the morning and early afternoon at church, with loved ones – laughing (because Polly didn’t take favorbly to the communion wine), crying (because baptism!), smiling (because watching children run around on a sugar high is hilarious), and shouting our goodbyes when everyone went their separate ways to celebrate further with loved ones. Many of us agreed that next year, we will all have one large church feast – so we don’t have to leave one another that day.

The rest of the day we spent with our dear friends, where they cooked a delicious lamb dinner. We sang a new (to me) hymn, prayed and thanked the Lord for the bounty He has supplied us with, and we ate, laughed some more, and cut into the lamb cake.

We found ourselves enjoying 70 degree weather and it was so darn perfect I almost felt like crying (it was a long winter.) Once we were home for the evening, it was too lovely to stay inside, so Sean mowed the lawn while the girls and I sat with the dog on the porch.

Everyone went to bed extremely happy and we have talked about it all day today.

He is Risen. He is King. He has a plan. He is good.

Our family lives in gratefulness for each of these things and is feeling specifically grateful for such a wonderful day of rejoicing.

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