appendix vo. 10 (anglophile edition)

I’m a bit of an anglophile, which makes sense when you learn that one of my favorite historical figures is Winston Churchill, our daughter’s name is Kensington, we spent our honeymoon in jolly London, my favorite movie is Mary Poppins, and any time I spend in front of a screen is largely consumed enjoying shows on BritBox or the BBC. I remember being in Guatemala when I head that Princess Diana had died and I cried openly. A bit silly, I know, but I was young and my interest began when I was quite young. It’s matured since then and I solidly settled into reading non-fiction accounts of the small island’s pivotal role in wartime conflict.

These are my two favorites thus far:

Found here.
Found here.

I’m fascinated with the monarchy and British history. I generally have skepticism for any pop culture attempts at categorizing the Royal Family (I heavily side-eyed “The Crown,) and have recently been exhausted at all the brouhaha over Harry and Meghan and spectacle that has become of it.

Anyhow, I was saddened to hear about the passing of Prince Phillip this morning. I got a text rather early and while it seemed to be inevitable that it would happen in the near future, it still made me sad. He lived a long life – 99 years! – and was a solid companion to his wife, the monarch. He represented and was involved in much more than our modern generation might give him credit for (or even know about) seeing as most peoples only brush with his person is through the character portrayal on the Netflix show about the family. He had a variety of interests and was steadfast in standing by and playing second-fiddle to his wife, as was necessary given her position. He was a good man, by all accounts, and I believe their love story will one day be talked about much like that of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Here is the most recent obituary from the BBC and I loved all of the photos of his life shared here.

In honor of the day, I thought I would share a small collection of British finds and I do hope you enjoy them:


*While I’m not sure if The Roseberry is still operating, I can’t think of anything I’d more prefer to ride the streets of London in. It’s just so perfect.

*I know many people are itching to go on a vacation, so if any of you are bound for London, here is a wonderful website to help you find that perfect cottage (or apartment) for your trip.

*A public park in the ruins of an old church? Sign me up.

*I 100% guarantee that the next time our family visits the UK, we will spend an entire day “Mudlarking” on the Thames. Unfamiliar with the term? Check out this page and this page. If you want to go even deeper, HERE is a book about it! Absolutely intriguing!

*If you have a few moments today, I highly commend to you that you should take a peek at the the Royal Collection online archives. I was so pleasantly surprised to find they have an entire collection of miniatures – Look at a few samples of what I found!

*While not implicitly British, we are in the throes in a remodel of a space in our home. The goal is to have it resemble a British tavern to some extent – searching out both colonial and European furnishings. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome – it will take some time to get the entire thing outfitted, seeing as our primary sources are FaceBook Marketplace and estate sales.

And this is completely unrelated, but the green is popping off the trees and after a good rain last night, everything looks electric. I had to share my view from our bedroom. Spring has sprung!

I could share another hundred links or so, but I have a list a mile long and need to hop to it. I hope you have a restful weekend, wherever you find yourself.


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  1. Funny you mentioned remembering where you were when Diana passed away, I vividly remember it too. Me and my best friend were camping on a football field in Bourton on the Water (heart of the Cotswolds, a must visit if you ever cross the pond). We got up early to go for a hike and as soon as she popped her head outside our little tent at silly o’clock in the morning. there was an older gentleman walking his dog, visibly shaken, who clearly needed to get this of his chest (remember this is way before mobile phones where you could check the news every other minute): “have you heard the dreadful news about Lady Diana?” Obviously we hadn’t but in hindsight we were probably one of the first because of this poor sod!
    And I’ve never been there but a place I once hope to visit is time capsule Dennis Sever’s House in London.

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