appendix vo. 12: late

It’s late and I’m headed to bed. If you know me, you know that “late” means something to me that is quite different than what it means to most other people. I’m “early to bed” almost always, and at 8:22pm, I’m already ready to tuck in. It’s only then that I realized I haven’t posted my Friday appendix.

This week flew by. Home renovations, and cooking those meals that always sneak up on us, and suddenly realizing it’s almost May.

So, no links this week but here’s a few random things.

Today we visited our favorite used bookshop. It’s an hour from our house but always worth the drive. We came home with a bag full of new (to us) books and here are mine. I was extremely excited that most of the books were only fifty cents. It just doesn’t get better than that.

We had some high winds in Northern Virginia today. I made the mistake of leaving our fresh eggs on the front porch (along with other assorted items that I hadn’t picked up) and came home to this scene.

The trays of seedlings are taking over our basement. We have rows and rows that are growing nicely, with the exception of several stubborn tomato plants that are taking their sweet time. It’s advised that it’s not smart to put anything in the ground until after Mother’s Day (in our area of Virginia) so we have one more week left and then we begin our Spring/Summer/Fall routine of visiting the garden multiple times a day. I’m looking forward to seeing what this harvest season will yield.

That’s all for now, folks. It’s now 8:32pm which is officially bedtime for this 40 year old grandma. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you may be doing.


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  1. Hi Rachel! I love Flannery O’Connor! But I needed a little help to better understand her stories. Maybe you are already a fan, but if not, I would highly recommend listening to the “Close Reads” podcast episodes on her stories from the book “Everything that Rises Must Converge”. I also really loved her Prayer Journal that has been published. And I read a book that is her spiritual memoir. It all helped me get what she was saying with her stories! Love her!


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