world shapers

I’m not sure who to attribute it to exactly, but a sentiment was shared once that pops into my head regularly.

The person shared, “the difference we make in the world may not be through something we “do” but rather through someone we raise.”

This has never left me and has often been a source of encouragement in times that were lean in the area of inspiration or perceived purpose. I don’t need to tell you that the career choice to be a homemaker, a homeschooler, or simply a woman that is married without a focused vocational path isn’t the most revered in our society. That’s not headline news because it’s understood. It’s a choice that we are free to make, of course, but it’s not necessarily a choice that is recognized as praiseworthy or to be aspired towards.

And that is alright. That shouldn’t matter to us!

But sometimes it seems to matter a great deal and if this feeling never descends upon you, please teach me your ways because you are wiser and more mature than I. We all seek to be purposeful and meaningful and to work well and toward something…..

So why do we lose sight of how purposeful and meaningful (and God ordained!) the task of taking care of a home and raising actual humans is? It’s divine work but very quickly we question if we aren’t living up to an arbitrary standard if we don’t have an ETSY shop or we aren’t published or we aren’t contributing financially to our household bottom-line. These things (an ETSY shop or working outside of the home) aren’t wrong – not at all! It’s not wrong to have a job or be passionate about the beautiful skills God might have blessed us with. Some of us are set on a path to change the world through paintings or in the courtroom or in a classroom. Do those things, yes!

But if those are not your things to do, it is wrong to doubt that the work you are called to is not worthy or less. The Lord has set in my heart the task, the “small” work of primarily taking care of our home, making inroads in our small church and community we have been called to, and educating our girls before we send them out into the world. This can be daunting and overwhelming but it can, at times, feel tiny.

But you see…’s not small. To the contrary, it is enormous work! We display the love of the Lord, the goodness of His grace, and the bounty in His creation each day! We nourish hearts and minds, we impart wisdom and truth through scripture and story, we provide sanctuary for growing hearts, and we train for a battle that lay before our children. We read to them, instruct them, discipline them, admonish them, hug them, teach them, pray for them.

There are so many paths one can take in the world and occasionally I wonder what mine might have been had I not had children. But those paths were never to be and there is peace in knowing that the Lord chose something else for me. Something beautiful and perfect and unique. For this task in front of me I am devotedly secure and grateful.

The path I am on {and that you might be on as well} is a path of quiet, peaceful work that shapes the world.

Silently, within four walls, simply, daily, routinely shaping the world – their world. And His!

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