I’m putting together a comprehensive post all about homeschooling because I’ve received quite a few questions about education lately.

People are looking around, concerned, and weighing options….there’s a lot to think about if you’ve never given home education a thought before {and even if you have!}

However, I’m here to help {if I can!} and encourage you that homeschooling is possible. If you feel like you should, you can.

SO…if you have a question about anything homeschool related, ask away in the comments and I’ll address it in my upcoming post!

I look forward to sharing.


  1. Not a question, just some encouragement from someone who admires the possibility and the choice to homeschool from afar. From the early days of the ‘At Home’ podcast (miss that!!) until your current farming days, you’ve shown so much growth in your confidence about this matter, it’s a joy to watch. Regardless of the subject, I’m always a big supporter of personal growth and I just wanted to cheer you on! Your words make me grow too, even as a non-homeschooler.


  2. I know you are classically schooling now, but what did you do in the years before and why did you change? I have always been drawn to classical education.


  3. looking forward to hear more about your experience classical schooling! we’re planning on using mostly memoria press for my kindergartner next year, and she may attend a Highlands Latin Cottage school once a week here in Nashville. I was homeschooled, but definitely with a charlotte mason approach, so classical is all new to me! but feels like the best approach with my daughter.


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