It’s July in Virginia which means it’s so hot that I groan when I open the front door – the combination of humidity and heat make it feel at least 10 degrees hotter than it actually is {and it actually *is* about 90 degrees most days this week.}

But….the gardens love it, the grass is beautiful, and we have passes to our local recreation center. Which means that a few times a week I don a bright yellow swim cap and do laps with the girls to beat the heat.

Primarily inside {with air conditioning} is where you’ll find us during this summer month, but there’s plenty to occupy our time. Canning the vegetables coming in from the garden, painting, reading, loads of schoolwork, baking, dressing up, putting on plays, potting new plants.

July may not be our favorite month, but there are plenty of good things. Oh, and did I mention the thunderstorms? We are usually left with no electricity, but man they are beautiful.

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