i’m here. i promise (and a request)

It’s been about two months since I last posted and it hasn’t been for a lack of thoughts to share, but rather because there were a few things going on that I needed to attend to expeditiously.

One thing that has happened since we last “spoke” was that my small-ish social media following burst wide open when I made a “controversial” post about President Biden’s vaccine mandates for businesses. After he gave a speech, on the evening of September 9th, I posted my thoughts to IG (on a whim.) The thing took off through no work of my own (except my fierce typing for about 15 minutes) and it really hasn’t let up. I’ve been able to start posting daily about news headlines and have very insightful conversations with people all over the world that I otherwise would not have. The whole experience has been like drinking from a firehose but I’ve very much enjoyed it.

All that to say, my “Here Are The Headlines” posts have become a daily fixture and it has also shown me the vitriolic nature of presenting (what I like to think are) common-sense ideas/thoughts about the world. It has also shown me that there are a lot of people out there that want the news in a bite-sized format but also infused with a conservative, Christian viewpoint that pulls no punches.

I can deliver that.

Anyhow, it’s been an interesting month.

This morning, anyone who uses FB, IG, or WhatsApp experienced an outage (it’s still ongoing) and it got me thinking that I don’t want to be solely tied to one way to communicate with people who have enjoyed my news highlights or commentary. I also don’t want to lose out on hearing from the very interesting people who have shared their experiences.

So, may I ask a favor?

Would you be willing to join my email list so that I am able to get a hold of you should we lose our ability to converse on here or on other social media platforms? Who knows, perhaps it will turn into a newsletter or Substack someday. I have no idea, but I don’t want to lose contact with you, and want to leave myself open to new opportunities to share content with faithful readers, such as yourself.

If you would choose to indulge me, head HERE and fill out the form.

I’m very grateful and will be back here shortly.



  1. Sara O. says:


    Hi. Super interested in filling out your form but from my iPhone I can only put in the MM, I am unable to fill in the DD portion I’ve tried typing consecutively, tried moving my cursor, typing the dates backwards- nothing allows me to fill that field and I can’t submit without it. I’ll try again from my computer in a bit but via iPhone I am stumped. Thanks, Sara O’Dell



  2. Shauna says:

    I had no idea what was going on with IG today, but I was actually sad thinking I wouldn’t get to read your news! Thank you for doing this.


  3. I LOVE your headlines!!! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!! I want to be informed but I don’t want to read all the nonsense that is out there just to figure out what is going on!! Thanks for doing all the hard work for me!! I’m surely grateful!!


  4. Brianna Kidd says:

    I am not on any social media platforms, but I took your blog along from IG because I love and very much need your “conservative, Christian viewpoint that pulls no punches.” I am here for it! I don’t have the stomach to weed through the news and discern each piece, but that leaves me uniformed, which I feel is not productive. It is part of my duty as a believer and as a mother to help my children process their world through Gospel lenses. You truly have a gift for delivering information. Thank you for serving in that way.


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